About Us

Educators for Social Justice (ESJ) is a student group at the University of Washington-Seattle that advocates awareness, understanding, and action around issues of social justice within the College of Education, the field of education, and beyond.

Our goals are to promote and advocate for multiculturalism throughout the UW College of Education, increase the ethnic and racial diversity of educators who work in common schools, colleges, and universities, and build a supportive, fun, and dynamic College of Education community.

Social Justice

There is little question that social justice is a contested concept; it has ideological fluidity. While ideologically fluid, the language of social justice is connected to intellectual traditions and social and political movements (both left and liberal) that struggle against racism, class inequality, gender discrimination, environmental destruction, and a host of other social ills. Social justice is not simply about increasing numbers so as to be diverse; social justice is about fighting oppressive ideas and institutions and creating substantive social change.

2011-2012 School Year:


Ellie Canter

Dudney Sylla

Adebowale Adekile

Amber Banks

Aaron Modica

Recent Activity


Last quarter we met with the past officers to learn about the history of ESJ and what focus we would like to have this school year. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

Story to Tell: Monthly happy hours featuring COE students sharing their stories and experiences from around the world

School of Law Conference Planning: We are co-sponsoring a spring conference with a student-led group  from the Law School called Education Law and Policy Society. The conference is entitled Researching, Teaching, Legislating, Litigating, and Organizing for Equity in Public Education and will be at a location TBD on campus on April 27 and 28, 2012.

Conversation with Wayne Au: Dr. Wayne Au sat with ESJ officers past and present to discuss his new book, Critical Curriculum Studies: Education, Consciousness, and the Politics of Knowing, and our work as a student group in the larger University context.

Outreach to Ida B. Wells School: Exploring possible partnerships with ESJ and IBW School, including opportunities for COE students to lead discussions with students.

Updating Blog and Website…and getting an ESJ podcast going!


We are actively seeking students who want to get involved! Here’s a few ways you can get started!

-Come to one of our open meetings and let your voice be heard! The next one is on January 27th at 4pm in the COE Student Lounge.

-Do you have a story to tell or a recent experience to share?! Do you want to showcase your social justice research? Contact us to set up a time to share your story at one of our monthly happy hours at Lucid. Do you like to learn about your colleagues and their amazing experiences?! Come check out a happy hour! Email  e4sj@uw.edu

-Do you want to sound off on topical issues in education equity happening right now?  Help spread the dialogue about equity and justice from the classroom to the community. Email your blog post to  e4sj@uw.edu

-Do you have an idea you want to suggest for this school year?! Share it, lets do it!  Email e4sj@uw.edu

2010-2011 Officers:

Gavin Tierney

Maurice Dolberry

Sarah Kavanagh

Susannah Davis

William Day